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 Room Esc combines wit, fun, and reality to make for an escape room experience meant to be remembered.


 Room Esc sets out to provide a premier escape room experience for those in search of adventure.


 Whether a family night, birthday get-together, or night out with friends, Room Esc aims to be the highlight of everyone's day.


We believe in creating experiences that allow participants to live the story—engage in the action, thrills, and excitement of solving mysteries or completing puzzles and riddles.

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Adventure Like Never Before

 Have you ever wanted to live a movie, experience a heist, explore hidden temples? Room ESC offers fully immersive quality experiences like no other. Don't believe us? Check us out for yourself.

The Nice List

You were good all year, weren't you? I mean what you did wasn't THAT bad, was it? Better go make sure, just in case! Your group has arrived at Santa's workshop and you have 1 hour to find the nice list and make sure your name is written down! But remember, if you get caught, you will be on the naughty list for another whole year!

Elephant Shujaa

A group of poachers has set up camp right outside the Tsavo Elephant Reserve and our sources tell us they are searching for fresh Ivory. Your job is to infiltrate their camp, destroy their plans, and call in their current location to the local authorities. Will you stop the poachers from hunting the beautiful elephants?  


"I can't wait to try the new rooms as they open! 10/10 would escape again."

Madison Crocker

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